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The ALLED Advantage

ALSI. ALLED. ALLink. Smarter. Tougher. Better.
Our revolutionary designs provide ALLED lighting fixtures with a maintenance-free life lifespan that can last from 15 to 30 years or more!

The ALLED Product Quality

ALLED designs, engineers and manufactures its product based on four guiding principles.
Our LED products must be eco-friendly, ultra-energy efficient, maintenance free and durable

The ALLED Savings

You’ll save a lot more energy and money over the 17+ years of operation
ALLED lighting fixtures are 75 to 90 percent more efficient than the lights they replace and 25 to 50 percent more efficient than other quality LED lights

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Industry’s Most Reliable Fixtures

Industry’s Most Reliable Fixtures

ALLED fixtures are the industry’s most reliable LED street, parking garage and high/low-bay solutions. Of all ALLED fixtures installed in the field since 2006, 97.93 percent continue to work perfectly.

  • Total operating hours to Date: 650,408,028

  • Customer Savings: $26,619,926

  • CO2 Reduction (lbs.): 241,353,995

  • Overall Power Use Reduction: 79.01%

ALLED: Lighting and Leading the Way

The RAYdiant LED Lighting System is the latest innovation from ALLED, a proven industry leader dedicated to developing and delivering superior quality, American-made LED lighting systems and solutions. ALLED’s “intelligent” LED systems have achieved an impressive track record of providing the industry’s most efficient, best-performing and most reliable solid-state lighting solutions.

Riding Arena Lighting Options Available

April 7th, 2017|0 Comments

Chances are you know someone who owns a horse/riding arena and has either: not enough light or big bulky fixtures that hum, the entire time they're on! The times have [...]


Pioneering LED Lighting Advancements and Innovations

With an exclusive focus on LED lighting, ALLED has continually pioneered ground-breaking advancements in solid-state lighting for a wide range of municipal, industrial and commercial applications.