Project Information

This specific garage location experienced a high level of “yellow” lighting throughout the parking garage. Safety and security is a top priority in a large city like Chapel Hill and this garage needed to be Without compromising on the amount of light hitting the ground, the customer decided to go with ALLED CL2 fixtures.
Based on the project design, the following annual benefits are anticipated:
Energy savings of 170,566 kWh
Greenhouse gas emissions savings of 86.53 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (0.5% of the Town’s total carbon footprint)
Energy cost savings of $11,940
Maintenance cost savings of $4,138

LED fixtures allowed the dealership to cut costs to better the customer experience

Key Features

  • Embedded with ALLED’s ALLink wireless control system, the dealership could specify “bright times” during peak sales hours
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs
  • No additional poles necessary to meet and exceed current foot candle readings


Customer Testimonial

The LED lighting project at Pittsburgh International Airport is a win-win situation because it will increase energy efficiency and decrease operating costs for the Airport Authority.

Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Executive

We are pleased to be working with the ALSI team on this pioneering approach to airport facility lighting. This solution saves money, while advancing our mission of exceptional customer service in a safe and secure airport.

Brad Penrod, ACAA Executive Director