Responding to municipalities’ calls for a cost-justifiable, high performance LED street lighting solution, Appalachian Lighting Systems (ALSI) today announced the launch of its new ALLED® SL4, the industry’s first LED street light featuring a two-way internal wireless control system. The ALLED® SL4 can be configured to replace 70- to 400-watt HID roadway Type III and V fixtures. It will save up to 75 percent or more on energy costs with the patent-pending ALLink™ control system, and meet or exceed the strictest standards in the municipal market for performance, sophisticated controls, support and overall value.

ALLED® SL4′s performance and the value proposition offered through financing, warranty and maintenance programs from SSL Energy Solutions™ (Energy Solutions) can help virtually any city cost-justify an immediate switch to 100 percent LED lighting.

Officials of Welland, ON, voted Sept. 20 to convert all 4,300 of the municipality’s roadway lights to LED with the ALLED® SL4 and 2,400 decorative street lights to the ALSI ALLED® acorn light.

“We have evaluated LED street lights for five years and determined exactly what we would need from an LED solution to be able to make a 100 percent conversion cost justified. Only one fixture and company met our requirements,” noted David Ferguson, Welland Manager, Traffic, Parking, and Bylaw Operations. “We are excited to be moving ahead with the ALLED® SL4 and the Energy Solutions program that makes it worry-free for a city like Welland, with lower than average utility rates, to immediately begin realizing significant energy cost and maintenance savings. We believe that with Welland leading the way under the Energy Solutions program and the ALLED® SL4, switching to high-quality LED street lighting can now be a ‘no-brainer’ for any municipality.”

“With the ALLED® SL4 family of LED street lighting fixtures and the Energy Solutions program, we want LED street lighting to work for EVERY municipality. We designed the SL4 to specifically meet the toughest performance and value requirements in the municipal market,” said Dave McAnally, ALSI chief executive officer. “We believe the SL4 provides the industry’s best performance from light output to lifetime and includes the industry’s first-ever two-way, built-in DC-side wireless control system. The SL4 is typically 75 percent more efficient than the traditional street lights it can replace, and through SSL Energy Solutions we are backing it with a standard 10-year, ‘bumper-to-bumper’ warranty so any city official that makes the switch can sleep at night after making the decision to convert to our SL4 street light under this innovative program.”

Welland officials signed an extended 15-year financing, warranty and maintenance program with ALSI’s partner company SSL Energy Solutions so the project can be started and completed without incremental cash outlays above what the city is already spending to operate its legacy street light systems.

The ALLED® SL4 street light brings cost-effective, leading-edge communication and control features to the world of lighting through its unique ALLink™ onboard, advanced two-way, built-in DC-side wireless control system for managing lighting levels as well as monitoring and reporting energy usage and fixture functionality in real time. The system can withstand multiple power surges of up to 10kVA; is engineered for more than 150,000 hours of use, and is available in 4,000-6,000 K color temperatures. Better yet, with the SSL Energy Solutions program, nearly any municipality can switch to ALSI’s SL4 street light confidently and cost-effectively using the additional assurance of a standard 10-year full-system support and warranty program.

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Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc., (ALSI) specializes in the development and manufacture of advanced LED fixtures for large indoor and outdoor area lighting applications. ALSI’s mission is to design, engineer and produce the most robust, energy-efficient, intelligent, and reliable LED lights for municipal, corporate, commercial and industrial markets. ALSI fixtures are engineered to deliver up to 150,000 hours of maintenance-free operation and to provide 70 to 90 percent energy savings compared to the traditional lights they can replace. ALSI is based in Ellwood City, PA, where it designs, engineers and manufactures. Additional information can be found at:

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SSL Energy Solutions (Energy Solutions), an affiliate company of ALSI, markets and sells ALSI LED lighting products and provides services and support necessary to make switching to ALSI’s ALLED® brand LED lighting worry-free for any municipality. Energy Solutions backs ALSI products with an industry-changing 10-year bumper to bumper financing, warranty and maintenance program, which is designed to require no incremental cash outlay over what that city is currently spending on operating its street light system. With Energy Solutions innovative program using ALSI’s ALLED brand fixtures, municipalities, as well as businesses and other institutions can immediately begin realizing significant energy and maintenance cost savings and achieve budgetary certainty on this non-discretional expenditure. Energy Solutions takes the worry and hassle out of switching to high quality LED lighting. Additional information about how to make LED street lighting a “no-brainer” can be found at