After product_streetmany months of testing, ALLED has successfully created a fixture that can be powered by the Sun. That’s right, these LED Street Lights are powered by solar panels to be able to run during the night, without needing a line of power being fed to it!

These fixtures are currently working at multiple customer locations and the feedback is 100% positive!

The street lights are available from 15 watts to 120 watts, meeting RP-8 roadway standards and were designed to replace at least a 250 watt HID fixture. However, we are seeing customers needing to turn the light levels down due to the amount of light these fixtures are producing! The fixtures are also available with the ALLED patented wireless communication methods.

These fixtures would be perfect in regions of desolate terrain, regions with constant sunshine, or regions that are tired of being pinched by the power companies! While ALLED provides the street light fixture, they do notprovide the solar panel, at this time.

Call ALLED (724.752.0326) or your local distributor for more information.