Chances are you know someone who owns a horse/riding arena and has either: not enough light or big bulky fixtures that hum, the entire time they’re on! The times have changed, the big bulky lighting is no longer needed to yield a great outcome. 

ALLED has been working exclusively with a local horse barn operator to come up with a product that not only works for producing a great amount of lighting throughout the arena but to also stop the nuisance of having birds perch and build nests on top of the lighting fixtures. 

The ALLED High Bay Series has relit large industrial manufacturing and warehouse spaces for years, but most recently it has changed roles to suite horse barn owners to achieve a maximum amount of light without sacrificing anything! The mesh material does not affect the light whatsoever – it remains cool to the touch but also doesn’t allow for birds to make a nest in any spot on the fixture.

Stay tuned for the final outcome for this barn relighting project.