ALLED Canopy and Parking Garage Fixture

ALLED offers the industry’s smartest, toughest and best LED parking garage and canopy lighting solutions.

Structural elements including large pillars and cross beams can make it particularly challenging to effectively and efficiently illuminate parking garages, often requiring strategic lighting configurations. With RAYdiant’s multi-directional lens optics, you can better direct the light around structures, getting the customized light configuration and output any parking garage requires.

The revolutionary design of the RAYdiant system delivers unprecedented levels of simplicity, scalability, and cost-efficiency in LED lighting operation and maintenance. With a wide range of luminaire models to replace any parking garage or canopy lighting application up to 400 watts, the RAYdiant system features the most powerful, intelligent, resilient and reliable LED lighting solution on the market today!

The ALLED CL5 is a perfect solution for parking garage and canopy applications.

Technical Specifications


      • Parking Garages
      • Gas Stations

What Client’s Say

Our traditional lighting impeded security camera views so switching to ALLED fixtures gives us much improved visibility of the common areas which improves overall security 24 hours a day.
Ramon R.