Project Information

The PIT Airport was changing out fixtures at a weekly rate that was not only costing them additional expenses but also time wasted by their employees. The airport had been searching for a possible LED solution for over a year before deciding to pull the trigger on the project.

The Airport Authority used a grant to replace 1,471 existing high-intensity discharge lights with high-efficiency LED fixtures in the long-term and extended parking lots and the three-level parking garage of Pittsburgh International Airport.

The ALLED fixtures [canopy light, down light, parking lot light] ranging in wattage from 34W to 170W was able to reduce the annual electricity cost by approximately $158,000. In addition to the energy savings, because ALLED fixtures are designed and engineered to operate over 150,000 hours with little to no maintenance, the airport will be able to realize significant maintenance savings.

The three-story parking garage has 2,100 parking spaces and also houses the rental car agencies on its first floor. The LED lights are brighter than previously installed fixtures and use 73% less energy which equates to 2,159,880 kWh savings annually.

The LED lighting project consumes an estimated 83 percent less energy and result in $158,754 in annual energy savings, with 2,118,438 kWh saved over the project’s lifetime.

The PIT Airport has not fully converted to LED lighting fixtures throughout the location, however have experimented with multiple other LED lighting companies and fixtures. These other products have not demonstrated the same amount of reliability that the ALLED fixtures, therefore leaving the airport with additional maintenance costs.

Parking deck and entrance conversion enhances visibility and cuts costs

Key Features

  • Rated for 150,000+ hours
  • Enhanced visibility
  • 99% reliability
  • Environmentally friendly

Customer Testimonials

The LED lighting project at Pittsburgh International Airport is a win-win situation because it will increase energy efficiency and decrease operating costs for the Airport Authority.
Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Executive
We are pleased to be working with the ALSI team on this pioneering approach to airport facility lighting. This solution saves money, while advancing our mission of exceptional customer service in a safe and secure airport.
Brad Penrod, ACAA Executive Director