October marks National Energy Awareness Month! Photo: Future Energy Solutions Stock PhotoIn honor of the start of the new month, October has been declared “National Energy Awareness Month.”  Yes, you may have seasonal changes on the mind, be worrying about hanging your spooky Halloween decorations ever so artistically and carefully, debating which sugary-sweet candy you want to hand out to all of the Trick-or-Treaters, busting out your favorite boots and scarves, and of COURSE—pumpkin…EVERYTHING! Certainly, with all-things-autumn, it’s easy for everyone to quickly get consumed in all of the fall festivities, and rapidly lose track of both time and energy. And by energy, I don’t just mean your internal clock and strength to complete a task—I mean energy, as in striving to increase the energy efficiency inside and outside of the home as well as reducing your individual carbon footprint at the same time.  Yeah, THAT kind of energy.

With the rapid increase of electricity use and consumption of our natural resources, it is only fitting to declare the month of October as “National Energy Awareness Month” as an encouraging movement to help raise awareness of the importance of sustainably managing our nation’s energy resources in a proactive way. Many people wonder how they can be a part of the big picture—looking ahead at the future of our nation and making a difference in a way that impacts our overall energy resources and practices energy conservation in a positive way. So, it poses the question: How can I help be a part of our sustainable energy future? How can I reduce my energy consumption?

There are several proactive steps YOU can take to help contribute to a “brighter” and more sustainable energy future, while also reducing your overall energy consumption. A quick and easy list of things you can do to help conserve energy are:

  1. Replace old incandescent light fixtures and bulbs with new CFL’s or better yet, LED light bulbs. This could save nearly half of the electricity that the incandescent fixtures and bulbs use.
  2. Don’t be a light hog, turn off the lights in rooms that are not being occupied!

    Look for the "Energy Star" on appliances. Photo: Energy Star Stock Photo

    Look for the “Energy Star” on appliances.
    Photo: Energy Star Stock Photo

  3. Have drafty windows? Seal them up with the appropriate caulking!
  4. Do you still have a 1950’s stove or refrigerator? Replace these units with newer,more efficient appliances. Be sure to check t if the appliance has an ‘Energy Star’ label to further reduce your energy costs.
  5. If nobody is occupying your home during the day, for reasons such as work, turn down your thermostat to 70⁰ or less to save even more on energy costs!

But perhaps one of the most emergent and accelerating methods to save energy and reduce annual electricity costs is for commercial companies and industrial warehouses to make the proactive decision to convert to LED lights. It is a proven fact that companies who convert to LED can save at least 40% in their energy costs. When companies convert to ALLED’s lighting fixtures, they have the potential to save at least 70% in energy costs! ALLED lighting fixtures have made a huge impact in the world’s energy conservation effort. Our company has tracked every single light built, since day one, to be able to quickly inform others how much we’ve allowed our customers to save. We are very proud of our energy saving statistics, so as of October 10th, 2014 here is a view of the positive environmental impact our customers have had, using ALLED-designed and manufactured lighting:

  1. Power Saved (KWH) – 69,307,559
  2. CO2 reduction to date (lbs.) – 94,258,280
  3. SO2 reduction to date (lbs.) – 374,261
  4. NOx reduction to date (lbs.) – 145,546

To give you a full appreciation of what these numbers really mean, a typical forest stand sequesters between two and five tons of atmospheric CO2 per acre every year depending on age and growth rate.  Therefore the CO2 reduction that ALLED lights have allowed our customers to save is the equivalent of adding approximately 13,400 acres of mature forest to our world.

After analyzing the facts, it is easy for one to see just how beneficial it is for commercial companies and industrial warehouses to make the proactive choice to convert to LED lights, such as our ALLED lighting fixtures.  Customers can immediately reap the benefits of the conversion switch and can also feel at ease knowing that they are doing their share to help impact the world’s overall energy conservation efforts in an illuminating way.  Every little bit of energy conservation significantly impacts the future of our world and no matter how small or large the problem may appear—there is one thing that is certain—each and every one of us can be a part of the solution. So, in an effort to help spread awareness and save energy, remember that every day (not only for the month of October), every one of us can make the decision and positive choices that can inspire the sustainability of our atmosphere and at the same time, help to preserve a new energy economy.