Project Information

Mike Kelly Automotive was struggling to keep the main car lot properly lit day in and day out. The existing fixtures were always experiencing burned out bulbs and blown ballasts. The dealership was continuously in debt to certified electricians to do the weekly maintenance to these old, outdated 1000 watt Metal Halide fixtures.

During an ALLED pilot program offering to relit an entire dealership for 4 months, Mike Kelly Automotive jumped on the offer. After both sides finalized the contractual agreement, the project was green lighted in August 2016.

After much planning and organizing, the ALLED APL5 4 module was the true workhouse in this scenario. This 168 watt fixture was able to reduce the wattage of the current fixtures while improving the amount of light hitting the ground. Annually, this dealership will experience an an electricity cost reduction by $17,000, if not more. The dealer was also lucky enough to have received a utility rebate of $11,000 thanks to the dramatic energy reduction. With the added rebate amount, this project fell under a 2 year ROI.

Once the pilot had finished, the dealership was completely satisfied and decided to keep the lights and open discussions about other areas around the property.

Improved lighting around the car lot brought more potential buyers in at night

Key Features

  • Virtually maintenance free lighting for at least 150,000 hours
  • Lot fixtures featured ALLED custom lenses and back shields to enhance the beam of light in specific locations
  • Customer chose a Kelvin Temperature of 5000K to allow cars to have true color appearance

Customer Testimonial

The lighting looks absolutely wonderful – low profile lights, extremely bright, and energy efficient!

Michael Lee, Mike Kelly Automotive