Project Information

The existing (1,328) 1,000W and (283) 400W Metal Halide lighting fixtures in the Lordstown Stamping Plant consumed a total of 13,735,636 kWh annually costing approximately $934,023. In addition, on average the plant spent approximately $101,000 annually to maintain the lighting for total annual energy and maintenance cost of $1,035,023. Adjusted for an annual average expected inflation rate of 5%, it was estimated that over the next ten (10) years the present lighting would have cost the Plant approximately $12.8 Million and consumed over 137 Million kWh.
The (1,246) ALLED HB2, HB4, and HB5 fixtures, ranging in wattage from 90W to 360W, only consume a total of 2,567,687 kWh annually, reducing the annual electricity cost to approximately $174,600. In addition to the energy savings, because ALSI fixtures are designed and engineered to operate over 150,000 hours with little to no maintenance, the Plant will be able to realize significant maintenance savings and greatly reduce the costs from disturbance to production and associated crane lockdowns. Assuming an estimated 5% of the lighting components will need to be replaced over a ten (10) year period, it will only cost the Plant approximately $30,000. This brings total 10 year energy and maintenance savings to approximately $10.6 Million when compared to the present lighting.
In addition to the already significant 77% Energy savings achieved with the ALLED High Bay, working with its technology partner, Synapse Wireless, ALSI integrated its built-in ALLink wireless control system with GM’s Cimplicity System. The integration gives the Plant the ability to customize and schedule specific light levels according to the tasks being performed in each Bay. The Plant can increase lighting output in designated areas if needed or dim the fixtures between breaks and shift changes. The ALLink/Cimplicity integration is expected to take total annual energy savings to over 84%.

Converts 815,000 sq. ft. Stamping Plant to ALLED High bay with ALLink®

Key Features

      • First & largest plant-run project in General Motors history
      • Whiter, brighter lighting and enhanced visibility
      • Little-to-no maintenance for 150,000+ hours of operation
      • Embedded ALLink Wireless Control System in each fixture
      • Wireless integration with existing building-management System
      • Annual CO2 offsets over 8,500 Metric Tons

Customer Testimonial

ALLink provided Lordstown with an opportunity never before seen in the industry. We can wirelessly control our lights without having to spend significant time and resources installing a separate control system and adding additional servers. No separate installation was required. Further, ALLink was already built into each fixture, so we only h ad to deal with one supplier. That was key in a project of this size.
Chuck Simpson, General Motors Lordstown Complex Site Utilities Manager
We can now schedule our in-house lighting operating system with the push of a button, increasing output in designated work areas if needed, or dimming fixtures between breaks and shift changes. As an added bonus of this conversion, we were able to remove all 1,280 fluorescent night lights.
Steve Rhoades, General Motors Lordstown Complex Manufacturing Engineering Director