ALLED High Bay with built-in wireless control system saves Lordstown Complex $780,000 annually

The General Motors Lordstown Assembly Complex became the first GM facility to complete one of the world’s largest conversions to LED lighting, converting its entire 815,000 sq.ft. Stamping Plant to ALLED High Bays. The Stamping Plant has been able to reduce its energy consumption by over 80% by replacing (1,328) 1000 watt and (283) 400 watt Metal Halide fixtures with (1,246) ALLED High Bay lights ranging from 90 to 360 watts. The ALLED High Bay Series is a highly efficient, state-of-the art lighting fixture designed to operate maintenance free for over 150,000 hours. In addition, the ALLED High Bay fixtures installed at Lordstown are equipped with ALLink®, the industry’s first, fully-integrated and built-in wireless control system.

Chuck Simpson, GM Lordstown’s Site Utilities Manager, recognized the significance of ALLink for this LED lighting project. “ALLink provided Lordstown with an opportunity never before seen in the industry” he said. “We can wirelessly control our lights without having to spend the significant time and resource installing a separate control system and adding additional servers. No separate installation was required. Further, Allink was already built into each light fixture so we only had to deal with one supplier. That was key in a project of this size.”

As an added advantage, ALLED’s ALLink wireless control system was able to be integrated into the General Motors building management system and now works wirelessly through the facility’s existing Ethernet network. ALLink features the award winning SNAP wireless mesh networking operating system from Synapse Wireless. “Synapse is proud to have provided the underlying wireless networking technology for this project,” added Todd Holt, Synapse President. “With this installation, SNAP once again stands out as the preferred wireless NOS when it comes to real world applications containing hundreds of nodes.”

The ALLink wireless integration has given the Plant the ability to customize and schedule specific light levels according to the tasks being performed in each work area. The Plant can increase light output in designated areas if needed or dim the fixtures in between breaks and shift changes. In addition, Lordstown added wireless light switches along the aisles for quick and easy manual control of the lights outside of the building management system.

“To our knowledge, this is the world’s largest indoor LED installation with this type of built-in, fully integrated wireless control system” said David McAnally, President of ALLED Lighting Systems. “General Motors is clearly sending a signal to the world that it is going to be a leader in the industry in innovative, green energy solutions for its facilities.”

SSL Energy Solutions, an affiliated distributor of ALLED Lighting Systems, worked closely with the Lordstown Complex for two years prior to the installation testing the quality, efficiency, and durability of the ALLED High and Low bay Series LED lighting fixtures. The Pennsylvania based SSL Energy Solutions was also chosen to act as project manager during the three month installation that began in August 2012. “We were able to work together to complete this project on schedule, on budget, and without any disruptions to production,” said SSL Energy Solutions Vice President, Tanya Rings.

Since the success of the Stamping Plant project in November 2012, SSL Energy Solutions has continued to work with Lordstown installing LED lighting throughout other areas of its six (6) million sq. ft. Complex. Starting in July, 2013, the West Plant Body Shop and East Plant General Assembly Plant will begin to convert all of their existing 400W Metal Halide fixtures to the ALLED HB2-22 High Bay fixture.

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