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18 03, 2016

How does lightning or other transient spikes impact operation of an LED fixture?

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If a typical power supply is used for outdoor lighting, transients on the power line will cause instant failure. Most commercially available power supplies are tested to withstand typical indoor transients of 1000 volts. This is a minimal level needed to get past a short warranty period operation in a well protected building environment. It [...]

18 03, 2016

Can LED fixtures affect radio or television reception in their area of operation?

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Yes, that is possible with a poorly designed power supply or current control regulator circuit in LED lighting fixtures. ALLED’s light fixtures pass the most stringent of FCC (Part 15 Level B) and international regulations. (CISPR22). When evaluating LED product being offered by other manufacturers, any potential buyer should be very careful to evaluate whether [...]

18 03, 2016

How does one evaluate LED products?

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To fully evaluate an LED product one must understand the individual components as well as overall system efficiency, from the power input to the light output. That is the overall efficacy of the luminaire. One must also understand the difference between catastrophic failure, as experienced with conventional light sources, and the slow depreciation of light [...]

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