Project Information

This specific garage location experienced a high level of “yellow” lighting throughout the parking garage. Safety and security is a top priority in a large city like Chapel Hill and this garage needed to be Without compromising on the amount of light hitting the ground, the customer decided to go with ALLED CL2 fixtures.
Based on the project design, the following annual benefits are anticipated:
Energy savings of 170,566 kWh
Greenhouse gas emissions savings of 86.53 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (0.5% of the Town’s total carbon footprint)
Energy cost savings of $11,940
Maintenance cost savings of $4,138

ALLED CL2 is 40 percent more efficient than other LED fixtures

Key Features

  • Whiter, brighter lighting and enhanced visibility
  • Long life. Rated for 150,000+ hours of operation
  • More efficient than other LED fixtures
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs

Customer Testimonial

The new white LED lighting has improved color perception within our parking deck. We have been pleased to replace an aging lighting system with an energy-saving, virtually maintenance-free technology that lowers our operating costs.
Brenda Jones, Town of Chapel Hill Parking Superintendent
While planning this project, we hoped to maximize our energy and maintenance savings. We believe we have accomplished that with LED lighting: after two months of data, the new fixtures are providing a nearly 80% energy savings compared with the previous lighting.
Brian Callaway, Town of Chapel Hill Energy Management Specialist