18 03, 2016

Do I have to replace LED diodes?

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Probably not. It is not really practical since the assembly process for the individual diode requires precision control of temperature and excellent process cleanliness. A more important question is to consider the arrangement of LEDs within the fixture. Just like the old Christmas tree lights where one bad bulb made and all of the lights [...]

18 03, 2016

How are LEDs able to outperform HID?

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Think of a simple source of light, like a traditional incandescent light bulb, surrounded by a sphere. Light is given off in all directions and illuminates the inside of the sphere almost equally. With an LED, the light is directional, and is given off predominantly in one direction. If the LED points downward, imagine that [...]

18 03, 2016

How does ambient temperature affect LED efficiency?

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As an LED’s junction temperature gets hotter, its light output will be diminished. At a 135° C junction temperature, the LED will meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Operating an LED at high temperature results in lower initial light output and a much shorter life. ALLED’s fixtures are designed with thermal properties and electronic components to minimize [...]

18 03, 2016

What is junction temperature?

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Junction temperature is the temperature internal to the LED chip. Junction temperature is a critical measure for evaluating an LED lighting product's ability to deliver long life. The U.S. Department of Energy advises: "Heat management and an awareness of the operating environment are critical considerations to the design and application of LED luminaires for general [...]

18 03, 2016

Why are ALLED’s patented reflector designs critical to efficient use of its fixtures?

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The intention of a light fixture is to put light where you want it. This can be accomplished with lenses or reflectors, or both. During ALLED’s initial design and development efforts, ALLED discovered that they could get more light, and better control of the light, at the working surfaces, by using carefully designed reflectors. It [...]

18 03, 2016

Why is the power supply for an LED fixture critical to the long operating life of the fixture?

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The power supply and LED current regulators must create a precise electrical environment to assure LED longevity. An LED does not typically fail like an incandescent bulb, suddenly leaving no light. An LED fails by slowly diminishing light output over time. Protecting the LED from damaging electrical events and controlling its operating conditions is the [...]

18 03, 2016

How does lightning or other transient spikes impact operation of an LED fixture?

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If a typical power supply is used for outdoor lighting, transients on the power line will cause instant failure. Most commercially available power supplies are tested to withstand typical indoor transients of 1000 volts. This is a minimal level needed to get past a short warranty period operation in a well protected building environment. It [...]

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