The great debate—ALSI vs. ALLED? Since opening its doors in 2007, Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. has evolved from a small start-up company to an ever-so-wildly expanding manufacturing company, dispersing numerous LED lighting fixtures across the United States, to as far as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and other continents, such as Australia. As the company grew, the lighting fixtures and consumer products also expanded from their legacy lighting fixtures to their most recent and newest 5th generation lights, the RAYdiant Lighting System. With the abundant varieties of LED lighting fixtures on the rise, Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. or “ALSI” for short, had to establish their brand name to trade mark their lighting fixtures. It wasn’t long before ALSI’s unique LED lights were dubbed “ALLED” Lighting Fixtures as their brand name for all of their LED lights. So if you are still following us–let’s get things straight before we move on—so far, we have “Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.”, “ALSI” and “ALLED”.

Of course, one can only assume that this has created mild confusion between customers, other businesses, and…well…the rest of us here at Appalachian Lighting Systems at times as well! Many people have heard of Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. referred to as just that–“ALSI” and even “ALLED”. AYE YI YI! So, which name is which??

The company itself is legally registered in the state of Pennsylvania as “Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.” but of course, try saying that all day long and typing it into emails, to boot! After a while, “Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.” starts to become quite the mouthful. So, just as any other company or business may shorten their legal name into a nickname or a shortened version, Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc., quickly became referred to as “ALSI”, an abbreviation for Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc., which has since then saved a lot of headaches and of course, shortened the length of many typed, written, or signed documents! Think of “ALSI” as a nickname of the company’s “Mother” name.

But what about the whole “ALLED” discussion? In previous years, we have referred to our fixture brand as “ALLED” and you may have even seen this name embossed on a lighting fixture. This was a great idea and really helped promote our products BUT everyone then

ALLED logo embossed on several SL4-7000's. Photo: Kate Wassel

ALLED logo embossed on several SL4 fixtures.
Photo: Kate Wassel

began referring to our company as “ALLED”.

Over the last year or so the name has really stuck so lucky for us, as well as for customers, Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. is registered with the state of Pennsylvania as DBA’s or “Doing Business As” with the following names: ALLED Lighting Systems, ALLED Lighting Fixtures, and just plain “ALLED”. This means you can pick what name you want to call us one day and change it the next! We’re kidding, we are slowly converting all of our outlets to read “ALLED Lighting Systems”.

So, after all of the details and explanations, what name do you like or prefer best?