Ellwood City, PA – Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. (ALSI) announced updates today that its ALLED™ brand industrial-grade, solid state lighting (SSL) products, installed throughout the US, have amassed over 36 million hours of combined operational service. ALSI upped the ante by stating that its SSL products, including its early-design luminaires installed in the first few months after its founding 4 years ago, have achieved an operational reliability rating of over 99%.

ALSI’s operational metrics translate into significant, documented energy savings for its customers, and substantial environmental benefits for the US, including:

ALLED™ Customers’ Cumulative Average Energy Reduction: 77.4%
ALLED™ CO2 reduction contribution to date (lbs): 8,906,215
ALLED™ SO2 reduction contribution to date (lbs): 35,363
ALLED™ NOx reduction contribution to date (lbs): 13,752

ALSI President David McAnally stated, “We are very pleased that our ALLED™ brand SSL products continue to perform extremely well over the long term. We continue to stand firm in our belief that other SSL companies need to publish independent third party audited results for their product operational history. We continue to work closely with U.S. Department of Energy to solidify this position into a formal SSL industry standard. We hold this position from the perspective that product longvity and reliability metrics are fundamental to building confidence in any new product, or in any new industry.”