Project Information

The Allegheny County Jail, a 900,000 square foot Pennsylvania facility that opened in 1996, faced expensive power and maintenance costs associated with lighting in the jail’s 35 inmate housing pods, and elsewhere in the facility. The jail also faced a security issue because the light fixtures hung from the ceiling in a manner that blocked some security camera views.

The existing lights were 2×2 High Intensity Discharge fixtures (HID), using a 250 watt metal halide lamp, with additional ballast wattage of 45 watts.

The project began in November of 2008 and was completed by early March 2009.

The jail’s expected annual power cost savings from this project is $178,000, in addition to significant operational savings that will be realized by minimizing much higher maintenance costs associated with the original lighting.

The jail also was able to alleviate an important security issue by clearing the impeded camera views. Additionally, the new fixtures offer great maintenance convenience, snapping replacement parts into place in the field utilizing ALSI’s patented “rapid change” technology.  It is not anticipated that there will be a need for replacement parts for many many years, but the products are designed in a way that the component parts can be replaced in the field versus replacing the entire fixture.

The cutting-edge, patented LED fixtures were installed in the pod areas of the jail where lights are required to remain on 24 hours a day. The LED lights are expected to last 20 to 25 years with a projected savings of more than $178,000 in the first year.

The LED fixtures are expected to use 83 percent less energy, the equivalent of reducing the facility’s energy consumption by 184 kilowatts.

Lay-in ALLED fixtures prove perfect solution for inmate pods

Key Features

  • Lay-in ALLED lights provide better visibility for security cameras
  • Long life. Rated for 150,000+ hours of operation
  • Far more durable than traditional lighting fixtures
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs

Customer Testimonials

In addition to the energy and cost savings, we’re also more efficient with how we use staff time now that we have switch to ALLED lighting. The life expectancy of these LED lights means we no longer have to purchase and store extra bulbs, and we’ll cut down on time spent changing bulbs.
Warden Ramon C. Rustin, Allegheny County Jail
Our traditional lighting impeded security camera views so switching to lay-in ALLED fixtures gives us much improved visibility of the common areas which improves overall security 24 hours a day.
Warden Ramon C. Rustin, Allegheny County Jail