ELLWOOD CITY, PA, — APRIL 11, 2012 —Appalachian Lighting Systems (ALSI) today announced three major enhancements to its performance-leading ALLED line of solid-state lights for street, parking garage and lot and low/high bay lighting applications. ALSI’s full line of ALLED solid-state fixtures now features enhanced surge protection that quadruples the lights’ ability to withstand power surges; a revolutionary programmable light sensing system that is significantly more reliable and durable than optical sensors, and full implementation of ALSI’s embedded ALLink® monitoring and control system.

“We’ve implemented a new circuit design that offers four times the already robust surge protection of previous generation ALLED products,” notes Rob McAnally, ALSI chief operations officer. “ALLED fixtures are rated for more than 150,000 hours of operation and are already the industry’s most reliable LED fixtures. Even so, we wanted to further address external power issues that can wreak havoc with any lights. Bottom line, ALLED lights will continue to operate through the multiple major surge events that are inevitable in any electrical system.”

The new smart surge design also notifies the owner/operator that a major surge event has occurred while continuing to protect each ALLED fixture for up to 30 10kVA surge events and helping ensure the light remains operational in worst-case scenarios.

ALSI also unveiled a new programmable light sensing invention that is far more robust and reliable than standard photocells currently in use for LED street lights and LED parking garage lights.

Unlike the typical cadmium-disulfide optical cells currently in use, the ALSI sensor:

  • Utilizes a light transmission tube rather than a lens, providing more surface area to sense light changes and preventing direct sunlight from entering the sensor, thereby significantly increases the life of the sensor.
  • Reacts to finer levels of light change.
  • Is fully programmable to activate or de-active the light.
  • Is connected on the DC-side and therefore is not damaged by AC-side surges.

“The optical photo cell today is the weakest link for controlling street, area and parking deck lighting. We decided to address light sensing in a whole new way to further reduce maintenance issues by choosing ALLED fixtures,” notes McAnally. “This device senses light levels in a dramatically different way and provides significant programming benefits should the control system suffer a failure. It’s one more way ALLED fixtures are designed to remain lit.”

The ALLED line of best-quality LED lights typically provides energy savings of 70 to 90 percent compared with the lights it replaces and is rated for more than 150,000 hours of operation. The ALLED line includes:
• SL4 LED street and area lights, which replace up to 400-watt high-pressure sodium or HID fixtures.
• CL2 parking deck lights, which replace up to 250-watt HPS and HID fixtures.
• HB 2/3/6 LED low and high bay lights, which replace up to 1000-watt metal halide or six-tube T5 fixtures and is scheduled for production in May 2012.

Utilizing ALSI’s uniquely embedded ALLink control and monitoring system, ALLED owners will know immediately via email or text when a major surge event has occurred and which light(s) are affected. Maintenance personal don’t need to wait for the light to go out or spend time searching for issues, they will know exactly which light(s) require attention.

Details on ALLED light products and SSL Energy Solutions contracts for purchasing, installing, maintaining and warrantying ALLED lights can be found at: http://www.alled.co or by calling 919-656-8646.

About Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.

Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc., (ALSI) makes the industry’s best-performing solid-state lighting solutions for large area outdoor/indoor applications including parking garage/lot, street/area and high/low bay. ALSI fixtures are engineered to deliver up to 150,000 hours of maintenance-free operation and to provide 70 to 90 percent energy savings compared to the traditional lights they can replace. ALSI is based in Ellwood City, PA, where it designs, engineers and manufactures. Additional information can be found at: http://www.alled.co.