Aston, PA – Action Services Group announced that they have completed the installation of solid state lighting (SSL) lighting fixtures in the second of 4 ice rinks at Ice Line Quad Rinks, a state-of-the-art ice skating facility near Philadelphia. Ice Line contracted with Action Services Group to install ALLED™ brand ultra high-efficiency High Bay SSL fixtures, or otherwise referred to as light emitting diode (LED) lights, manufactured by Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc (ALSI). These high performance lights were sourced through ALSI’s authorized distributor, Stouch Lighting, Inc. ALLED™ brand lights were originally installed in a first rink at Ice Line in July of 2009. In October, after assessing results from the first rink, Ice Line made the decision to retrofit a second rink. These are the first major ice arenas in the United States to use LED fixtures for general lighting.

“The lighting looks fantastic,” Mike Graves, Ice Line Vice President said. “We are pleased with the quality of service we received and with the improved lighting quality, and for the energy savings. We are planning in the near future for the other two rinks and the complex’s massive parking lot to also be retrofitted by Action Services Group.” The goals for the LED lighting retrofit at Ice Line included enhancing the uniformity, brightness and color quality of their lighting, and ensuring that Ice Line would significantly reduce the energy consumption at its facility.

Before the retrofit, the ice skating complex spent $24,000 on its electric bill every year for just two of their four rinks. The LED installation will make the lighting costs drop to less than $6,000 annually, a more than 75% reduction in energy costs. Ice Line was using 400 watt metal halide lighting fixtures, which consumed 458 watts of energy each, but ALSI’s LED lights reduced that to 91 watts per fixture, providing a substantially more efficient solution. In addition to being more energy efficient, the LED-based fixtures have a longer life expectancy and are brighter, whiter lights than the legacy metal halide lamps. The other benefit of the lighting retrofit is the reduction in energy consumption due to reduced heat output from these lights, which reduces HVAC operating, and maintenance costs.